L16 English conversation workshops

L16 English conversation workshops
Julie Atkinson 

Atelier de 12 x 1h30: 70€ >> Atelier limité à 10 personnes +/- 2
Le mardi à 18h30  COMPLET

13-sept / 27-sept / 11-oct / 08-nov / 22-nov / 06-déc
03-janv / 17-janv / 31-janv / 28-févr / 14-mars /  28-mars

LA BUISSIERE Salle des associations 
Mairie, Place de la mairie

LA TERRASSE     Bibliothèque - 1er étage 
102, Place de  la Mairie 


These conversation workshops are aimed at those who already have a good knowledge of the English language, who wish to discover or learn more about the different aspects of culture in the English-speaking world as well as discuss current affairs and topics related to everyday life. Some grammar and vocabulary points will be covered but the aim is to be able to participate in a conversation in English as easily as possible.

Active participation is required, and the involvement of each participant is essential to the dynamics of the group, both to communicate and to exchange ideas.  The participants must be able to express their own opinions and to speak on a variety of subjects.

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